T2 Bay Area PhotographyI would like to donate a water buffalo, can I send you money?

Here at T2, we are stunned at all the positive feedback. However, It is not feasible for us to accommodate all the requests to buy more water buffalos and make more films. Check out Charity Navigator to research your favorite charitable organization. Or create your own project!

How will the Su family feed the buffalo? Are there costs involved?

After speaking with some local farmers in China, we found that there is no monetary cost to feed the buffalo. Farmers simply take the buffalo for a walk to graze, and they can eat for up to four hours.

If the farmer doesn't have time to take the water buffalo out, they will pick grass and leaves and bring it back to their farm for the buffalo (see photo).

Are there any pictures of the water buffalo working?


Does the family have a place to house the water buffalo?

Yes, and apparently the buffalo "got along" with the chickens and other small animals the Su family already had.

Does the family have a field for the water buffalo can?

Yes, like most farmers in Da Zhuan, Yunnan, the Su family has a field where they grow rice, beans, and "bai cai" (greens, cabbage, etc).

Who did the soundtrack for the water buffalo movie?

Robert Thompson performed the instrumental violin tracks. He recorded the "quartet sound" using an acoustic and electric violin, wrote out the arrangements in Sibelius, and recorded everything using Pro Tools. The cover for "How to Save A Life" is not available for public distribution at this time.

I'd like to take action, what can I do?

T2 Video has not asked for any donations for the making of this video, or partnered up with any charity. If donating money is what you'd like to do, Charity Navigator is a good resource for evaluating various charities and is probably the first place you should go for more information.

However, we think Kiva has a very interesting approach (micro loans where 100% of the donation goes to someone, and then they pay it back with no interest). Learn more about donating to Kiva here.